Red Red Wine, and some white tooOOoooOOooo

We had a meet up of Idiots this last weekend and it was grand. Spencer, Chad, Reginald IV, and Todd all hit up the wine trails. Bottles drank, laughs had, business deals struck. Video on the way. You can also expect some photos from the weekend  to be shared by Mikey. Also plans for a weekly podcast adventure.

Stay foolish,
The Idiots


Hope we don't get sued! Here it is the intro to the podcast about..... ummm, should have figured this out first. Too late now though!

Episode 0

Finally Nice Out

Well I wasn't the first, but I was one of the early ones. To mow my lawn this year that is. It's finally nice out. Managed some yard work today and just sat out and enjoyed the lovely weather. Got my Menards card today too. Was expecting more of a credit card looking thing. This is more of a cross between a gift card and a Costco membership card. Dinner with the brother and folks later today, should be a fine time.

Found some new podcasting stuff, hope to be trying it out soon. With luck I'll be able to record something on the Carbondale trip.

Beer in hand, Blog online

I've not forgotten you! and more cigars

Fear not, I've just slacked lately. I have not once again forgotten about the blog I'm trying to keep updating. It is my hope to have more contributors as well so if you want in on this shit, let me know.

So, along with the last haul of cigars received I had also signed up for a monthly deal. 8 cigars of 4 different types. Something to help me explore new cigars and expand my tastes. What I didn't expect wast that the first order would catch me up on what I missed over the last few months. That is to say, not only was April received but so was March, February, January, and even a bonus December Caldwell sampler. Now, there are many good looking cigars here and I'm excited to try them. I was not anticipating having to make quite so much room in the humidor though.

In other news it seems summer is finally here. We decided to give spring a miss I guess. As we came to the end of a menopausal April where it went from 30 to 50 and back to 20 with a mix of rain, snow, both. I…


The hell do I use facebook for? Fights, of the internet variety. I choose to argue with people I might run into sometime in the next year. That way I can spit on their windshields. It usually does not come to that however. Most of the time I can avoid the shit, because that is really all arguing on the internet is, shit. More often than not it is the same fallacy laden arguments rehashed. That gets fucking tiring. This isn't a statement against one side either. Both are quite equally guilty of it. I'm thinking that debate class might need to be a mandatory credit for high school graduation.

A key thing to remember is, you're talking to a person. A real flesh and blood human being. Unless it's a bot, in which case you're an idiot for arguing with the AI. (You know they will rise up and remember you right?) That person has thoughts, feelings, and experiences of their own. Take the time to listen, you will learn something. An individual's opinion will never be cha…

The International Lounge

No Domestic BearsThe holidays of St. Patrick's, Cinco de Mayo, and Oktoberfest will be celebrated continuouslyThe 4th of July will not be celebrated, as to not offend our English patronsDo you need any Co-Ax?Despite what the song may say, we will continue to play the wild roverDiplomacy is an art; be an artistAny mounting is strictly a dominance thingInterviews may be conducted in the loungeNo parkingIt's an international thing

Chapter 1

Stories, I love listening to stories and I aspire to be a great story teller. I want to write a book even, though I have no idea about what. I had a thought that I should just start typing and see where the words took me. It makes sense. I'm not going to get anywhere if I'm not putting something down.

I have a lot of thoughts about things I want to create. I've contemplated poetry, painting, charcoal, learning instruments. The excuse is really time. Though I once read I should try switching up the phrase "don't have the time" with "it's not a priority." I like this idea, and honestly it seems about right in this case. I'm making the time to blog now, suggesting that I'm making it a priority to create now.

Words to paper (text to screen, whatever) is likely the easiest creative outlet for me. Easiest in this case meaning most accessible. I have a computer I can sit at for 15-20min and just let my fingers dance. I'm quite content with …