"I can't believe we didn't listen to ska"

Holy shit it's about time I got these photos up!

Come on, that shit is clever.

The talismans of our past, We'll get a post together later detailing their origins.

Where I got my first pipe, and where we used to get our cigars. 

We were not able to make a visit this time around. The picture is a bit blurry because it was dark out and I had my flash off. I made a choice early in the trip that I was going to put forth some effort to photo document this weekend. I didn't want to go selfie crazy, this wasn't for instagram or any of that shit. So when I snapped the first photo of the evening in a bar I quickly decided to turn the flash off. Nobody wants that bright fucking light in their face, and I don't want to announce to the bar "LOOK AT ME, I'M TAKING PICTURES!"

Start of the evening Scotch and Cigars

Scott shares with us his winnings. The plan was, give him a dollar each. Then he'll take that to the slot machine and win our drinking money for the evening! Here he is after about 3 minutes at the slots, with $0.40 so... we dipped into the reserves to continue drinking that evening.

DanBo is not impressed with Scott's gambling skills.

Mike laughs

Luke takes his $0.10 share and tucks it away.

Stix! Cheap beer is cheap tasting!

Post evening Shots and cigars

Breakfast! "I can't believe you made breakfast and we weren't listening to ska." -Luke

Wine Time!


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