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The International Lounge

No Domestic BearsThe holidays of St. Patrick's, Cinco de Mayo, and Oktoberfest will be celebrated continuouslyThe 4th of July will not be celebrated, as to not offend our English patronsDo you need any Co-Ax?Despite what the song may say, we will continue to play the wild roverDiplomacy is an art; be an artistAny mounting is strictly a dominance thingInterviews may be conducted in the loungeNo parkingIt's an international thing

Chapter 1

Stories, I love listening to stories and I aspire to be a great story teller. I want to write a book even, though I have no idea about what. I had a thought that I should just start typing and see where the words took me. It makes sense. I'm not going to get anywhere if I'm not putting something down.

I have a lot of thoughts about things I want to create. I've contemplated poetry, painting, charcoal, learning instruments. The excuse is really time. Though I once read I should try switching up the phrase "don't have the time" with "it's not a priority." I like this idea, and honestly it seems about right in this case. I'm making the time to blog now, suggesting that I'm making it a priority to create now.

Words to paper (text to screen, whatever) is likely the easiest creative outlet for me. Easiest in this case meaning most accessible. I have a computer I can sit at for 15-20min and just let my fingers dance. I'm quite content with …

Thoughts on a Fuente

First, I will state that this is not entirely a cigar blog.

"This is not entirely a cigar blog." Stated Mikey

There now that I've stated it I'll get on to the topic I wish to talk about. A cigar. I've been smoking cigars on and off since I was 18 years old. I picked up a pipe about the same time too. My first cigar was a strawberry white owl that I shared with a friend on a golf course, because he wouldn't splurge to get a second. Who could blame him, it was like a whole dollar for one of these dry chemically flavored sticks. That stated I did eventually move on to much better cigars, especially now. I'm not saying I've spent as much as $30 on one cigar... well yes I am. It was damn good too. That is not the smoke I'm here to talk about though.

Yesterday I shared an Arturo Fuente with The Pretty Lady. Specifically it was a Queen B. If you haven't tried it I highly recommend you track one down. It was mild and smoked easy, held an even burn alm…

Cigar Day!

It would be scotch and cigars with out cigars, then it'd just be scotch which is fine too. At any rate the Half Acre Warren has received a large shipment of cigars. Large enough that I declared I wont be buying any new ones for at least six months.
"Well what all did you get Mikey?" you may be asking, and even if you're not that is the question I'm about to answer.
Kick it of with a box of Ave Marias. This have become a warren favorite, so much so that we got a box of 'em. They have been declared the House Cigar as it were. The size we got is called "Knights Templar" as those of you who are more literate may have already noted from the picture. Basically they are the Knights of the Warren, our Owsla to continue with the Richard Adams theme.
Ah yes The Liga 9. A tasty stalk cut. The above is the box in whence they came and below on the right is their placement in the humidor. Full bodied and oily cigars are a favorite 'round these parts.
Already …

New Site, Same Idtios

Hello and welcome. I'm going to try this again, a site based around myself and the people I love in my life that I call the Usual Idiots.

What can you hope and expect to see in this space? Stories, reviews, pictures! All the fun shit. Also cursing. I think the next big post will be this Thursday, I am expecting quite the cigar haul, very exciting. Other upcoming things, a reunion of the college crew down south somewhere, a graduation party for a cousin out West. A wedding and more! Also rants, I'm going to take a shot at putting out some quality rants.

That's all for now,