Thoughts on a Fuente

First, I will state that this is not entirely a cigar blog.

"This is not entirely a cigar blog." Stated Mikey

There now that I've stated it I'll get on to the topic I wish to talk about. A cigar. I've been smoking cigars on and off since I was 18 years old. I picked up a pipe about the same time too. My first cigar was a strawberry white owl that I shared with a friend on a golf course, because he wouldn't splurge to get a second. Who could blame him, it was like a whole dollar for one of these dry chemically flavored sticks. That stated I did eventually move on to much better cigars, especially now. I'm not saying I've spent as much as $30 on one cigar... well yes I am. It was damn good too. That is not the smoke I'm here to talk about though.

Yesterday I shared an Arturo Fuente with The Pretty Lady. Specifically it was a Queen B. If you haven't tried it I highly recommend you track one down. It was mild and smoked easy, held an even burn almost all the way down. I am not so great at identifying flavors or really breaking down a cigar for a proper review. So that isn't what I'm doing. What this cigar had for me though was a trip down memory lane. See, in college we found this awesome little tobacco shop. Yesteryear Tobacconist I've not been in a few years now, but he had some wonderful blends of pipe tobacco and a large walk in humidor. There we often grabbed a few Fuentes. It was one of our go to smokes, and will always hold a place in my humidor. In fact I'm establishing a rule now that I will always have at least one Fuente in it. Good news is I've at least a dozen 8-5-8 maduros in there now, so I'm not in violation of this newly established rule.

As we smoked it I shared these memories with The Pretty Lady. What we used to buy there, that my first few pipes came from there. It was all I really new for a while in terms of cigars. That and Acids, he (to my recollection) never had those in stock though. At least I don't remember buying any there. All told it was a nice smoke and a pleasant trip down memory lane.

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