Chapter 1

Stories, I love listening to stories and I aspire to be a great story teller. I want to write a book even, though I have no idea about what. I had a thought that I should just start typing and see where the words took me. It makes sense. I'm not going to get anywhere if I'm not putting something down.

I have a lot of thoughts about things I want to create. I've contemplated poetry, painting, charcoal, learning instruments. The excuse is really time. Though I once read I should try switching up the phrase "don't have the time" with "it's not a priority." I like this idea, and honestly it seems about right in this case. I'm making the time to blog now, suggesting that I'm making it a priority to create now.

Words to paper (text to screen, whatever) is likely the easiest creative outlet for me. Easiest in this case meaning most accessible. I have a computer I can sit at for 15-20min and just let my fingers dance. I'm quite content with the thought that not every sentence I put down will have a brilliance to it. Hell I'm happy with half decent grammar and paragraph structure. eh, that's what I've got for now

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