Cigar Day!

It would be scotch and cigars with out cigars, then it'd just be scotch which is fine too. At any rate the Half Acre Warren has received a large shipment of cigars. Large enough that I declared I wont be buying any new ones for at least six months.

"Well what all did you get Mikey?" you may be asking, and even if you're not that is the question I'm about to answer.

Kick it of with a box of Ave Marias. This have become a warren favorite, so much so that we got a box of 'em. They have been declared the House Cigar as it were. The size we got is called "Knights Templar" as those of you who are more literate may have already noted from the picture. Basically they are the Knights of the Warren, our Owsla to continue with the Richard Adams theme.

Ah yes The Liga 9. A tasty stalk cut. The above is the box in whence they came and below on the right is their placement in the humidor. Full bodied and oily cigars are a favorite 'round these parts.

Already had these sexy things relaxing in the humidor. I have had a few puffs, but have not smoked a Reconquista yet. From what I've tried though they are fabulous.

Next up we got a couple Ave Maria samplers, These are in a loverly little size that I enjoy quite a bit. Shorter but with a large gauge, they last longer than expected. 

This is a picture of the main humidor. Some Macanudos that came in the grand cigar haul are on the second shelf. Some may note that we've quite the collection of AJ Fernandez cigars. After trying the Ave we quickly became big fans of his talents.

So there it is, the grand cigar haul that I promised an update on Thursday. Slightly sorry there are no unboxing photos. Thought about it as I was organizing everything, turns out I'm a bit lazy.

Never blog without a drink,


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