I've not forgotten you! and more cigars

Fear not, I've just slacked lately. I have not once again forgotten about the blog I'm trying to keep updating. It is my hope to have more contributors as well so if you want in on this shit, let me know.

So, along with the last haul of cigars received I had also signed up for a monthly deal. 8 cigars of 4 different types. Something to help me explore new cigars and expand my tastes. What I didn't expect wast that the first order would catch me up on what I missed over the last few months. That is to say, not only was April received but so was March, February, January, and even a bonus December Caldwell sampler. Now, there are many good looking cigars here and I'm excited to try them. I was not anticipating having to make quite so much room in the humidor though.

In other news it seems summer is finally here. We decided to give spring a miss I guess. As we came to the end of a menopausal April where it went from 30 to 50 and back to 20 with a mix of rain, snow, both. It is now in the 70's and 80's skipped right over the nice spring temps it seems. Hopefully the stretches of 95+ weather are still a ways off. We shall see though.

 In Lounge news, the flags for the International Lounge have arrived. I'll be sure to snap some photos once I've got them displayed and the like. For now, some lounge photos:

With those I bid you fair reader adui adu eh, I say good day.

Never blog without booze,


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